Kid Super Model Favour Morovia


Reciting a Poem in remembrance of the victims affected by the fire incident in Sierra Leone.

Favour Morovia is the second signed kid model of Future Star Africa ( model and talent agency. She is based in Sierra Leone ( West Africa). Favour is a prudent and energetic young super star. She has an amazing charisma and is easy to love. She is a skilled with many talents and is always willing to learn and improve in what ever she does.

One of Favours favorite hobbies is reciting poems. For a kid her age, she is ready to explore the world. Should we say she could be the next Amanda Gorman? Anything is possible! Favour is preparing for the future and for an eight year old, she is already on top of her game.

On November 5th, 2021, a tragic incident took place in Wellington, Freetown, Sierra Leone. A tanker explosion that started a fire. The fire spread rapidly and the whole area was ablaze. It was an incident that took everyone by surprise. A very sad one to be precise. So many lives were gone within minutes and as of today, some victims are still at the hospital fighting for their lives.

Recently, Favour and other team members of FSA visited the victims at the Connaught Hospital and donated medical supplies and food items to show support as young patriotic citizens. The video below, is Favour reciting a poem in regards to the victims. She was very sad about the situation and she used her talent to express her emotions.

Favour Morovia of Sierra Leone, the next Amanda Gorman, you go girl!!!

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